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Crimson Moonlight - Divine Darkness February 26th, 2016

Formed in summer 1997 with the mere intention of recording a primitive old school black metal demo and 
play one show before breaking up. The band's original lineup is composed of members from Swedish 
Christian death/thrash band Obsecration.
1. The Dogma of Chalcedon 03:40
2. The Suffering 05:59
3. Divine Darkness 06:49
4. I Am Tribulation 04:41  
5. Voistinu Voskrese 03:55  
6. Kingdom of the Wolf 04:27
7. Dusk 06:22   Show lyrics
8. In Silence, in Chains 05:42

Compilation appearance(s):
2000 In the Shadow of Death, Endtime Productions

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