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Malchus - Dom zły December 15th, 2014

Country of origin:
Poland, Przeworsk
Formed in:
Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
Contact: malchuspl@gmail.com.
In the Bible, Malchus is the servant of the Jewish High Priest Caiaphas who participated in the arrest of Jesus. One of the disciples, Simon Peter, being armed with a sword, cut off the servant's ear in an attempt to prevent the arrest of Jesus.
1. Wróg nr. 1 03:36  
2. Dom zły 03:43
3. 77 03:19
4. Otwarte oczy 06:23
5. Z prochu 04:26  
6. Matka 04:31   
7. Tripudium 02:35  
8. ...ale Nas Zbaw 04:54   
9. Credo 04:08

We want to take our listeners on a musical journey around the corners of a frustrated young Pole's soul. We don't want to be close-minded and limit ourselves only to heavy sounds. We have added numerous sublime, pompous and catchy melodies to the harcore metal riffs. Our songs can be compared to action movies, where one cannot fall into monotony. The lyrics relate to our spiritualism, and to be more accurate, to our everyday internal struggles. We also wanted to point out the positive aspects of living in 'The Evil House'.
During its 10 years of activity Malchus has been gathering experience on various stages. We performed in clubs, for charity, students and also at international festivals (Slot Art. Festival in Lubiąż, Fryyfest in Nove Mesto Pod Smrkem, Czech Republic). 
Our songs were played in various music stations. In Poland they could be heard in Jerzy Szlachta's 'Rock Radio' auditions in Radio Rzeszów and Wojciech Ossowski's 'Musical Peculiarities' in Third Polish Radio Program. In 2011 'Caput Mundi' album was nominated in a plebiscite for the Music Award of Polish Radio Rzeszów - Werbel for the best album of Subcarpathia. We were voted by the audience to receive a second place. 
We can also be proud of very good reviews of 'Caput Mundi' and 'Metanoia' in the biggest Polish music magazine 'Teraz Rock'.

Reverorum ib Malacht - Im Ra Distare Summum Soveris Seris Vas innoble May 11th, 2018

Sweden, Uppsala
Formed in:
Black Metal/Dark Ambient
Lyrical themes:
Transcendence, Religion, Death (early), Catholic Christianity, Theology (later)
1. Intro 01:37
2. Where Escapism Ends 09:45
3. Incompatible Molokh 05:13
4. Cloud of Unknowing 07:50
5. E va um da 02:19
6. Etia si omnes, ego non 06:48
7. Skin Without Skin 05:48
8. (Natten inuti) en tagg som sticke 06:59
9. Outro 01:48

2018 2554
Johan Olof
A. Henrik
Karl Hieronymus Emil Lundin
Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Keyboards, Cello (2005-present)
Karl Axel Mikael Mårtensson
Guitars, Vocals, Lute, Flute (2005-present)
Sir N.
Guitars, Bass (2009, 2017-present)
Johan Gustafsson
Noise (2014-present)

Godfear - Pound for Pound 1999

Country of origin:
United States, Arlington, Texas
Formed in:
Thrash Metal
Antes de iniciar con este prouyecto antes del año 1994 esta banda se llamaba "Transcendence"
1. My Swollen Eye 04:29  
2. At the Cross 03:37  
3. Pound for Pound 04:44  
4. Unblack 01:16   instrumental
5. Speedball 01:16   instrumental
6. Numbskul 04:01  
7. Abuse 03:38  
8. Redemption 04:20  
9. Ill 00:46   instrumental
10. Suffer This 03:17  
11. I Am 02:59  
12. Old Ways, New World 03:10  
13. Virus 00:32   instrumental

Mike Swint
Steve Nichols
Mark Bond

Placate the Masses Born Into War June 14th, 2017

Country of origin
Canada, Hamilton, Ontario
Formed in:
Thrash Metal/Metalcore
1. Dead Gods 03:43
2. Born Into War 04:04
3. Integrity 03:47
4. No Longer Slaves 03:46
5. Faithful Till the End 05:54

20174 25552
This Christian Thrashcore band started out as an online collaboration between the vocalist (Josiah) and lead guitarist (Didier) back in 2012, eventually becoming a full fledged band with one self produced album released in 2013 ("Conquer All"). 
Since then, the band has had a few lineup changes, seeing James join on Bass Guitar, and a few second guitarists come and go during the writing process. In the desire to put out high quality music that boldly proclaims the gospel, the band had a three year writing gap between the debut album and the recently released "Born Into War" EP, in order to produce an album of significantly higher quality.
As the gospel of Jesus has made a massive positive impact on our lives as a band, we desire to share his life-changing message and what it can do for other's lives to all who will hear it. Our beliefs shape how we live and write our music and we are very big on ministry. This band's goal is to create quality metal, while proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ through our lyrics. (John 3:16, Matthew 28:18-20)

Глас пророка - Глас Пророка December 1st, 2015

Country of origin:
Russia, Smolensk
Formed in:
Heavy Metal/Rock
"Глас пророка" is Russian for "Voice of a Prophet".
1. Интро 02:39  
2. Глас пророка 04:00  
3. Вечный изгой 04:15  
4. Дождь 04:09  
5. Ветер 04:37  
6. Ой мороз, мороз 04:44  
7. Чемпион 04:10  
8. Я вернусь 05:32  
9. Эй, детка! 03:14

Ilya Khrapakov
Vocals, Guitars (2007-present)
Evgeniy Lukyanov
Drums (2011-2012, 2013-present)
Dmitriy Nazarenko
Bass (2012-present)

Wallfahrer - Anthologie der Abkehr April 27th, 2018

Country of origin:
Black Metal
1. Lacrimis Sanguine 07:58
2. Wallfahrt (Pfade der Erkenntnis) 08:22   
3. Zeitzeremonie (Es endet alles) 06:42
4. Wildes Heer (Epilog des Herbstes) 10:19  
5. Ketzerkonfession 08:02
6. Lichtmesse (Als die Bergfeuer brannten) 11:39

Espiritual - Falsos Mestres 2004

Country of origin:
Brazil, Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná
Formed in:
Death Metal
1. Falsos Mestres 04:55
2. Novo Caminho 05:03
3. Funeral 01:47   instrumental
4. Profecias 04:44
5. Libertação 04:47
6. Calvário 01:20   instrumental

Also released a promo called "Realidade Invisível" in 2007.
Photo from left to right: Fabiano, Mano, Jorge and João Vitor.

João Vitor
Vocals, Guitars

Dödsmarsch - Skandinavian Black Metal Alliance March 2014

Country of origin:
Sweden / Norway / Denmark / United States
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Death, Life, Darkness, Battles
1. Our Flags Held High 07:20  
2. Painful Lesson  
3. Dödsmarsch  
4. Bitterness 06:40

Vocals, Bass 
Vocals, Guitars 
Vocals, Guitars 
Guitars (lead) 
Draug is originally from Sweden, Jokull is originally from Norway, and Djakninn is originally from Denmark. The three of them currently reside in the US, while Leiptr still lives in Sweden.

Placate the Masses - Conquer All February 28th, 2013

Country of origin:
Canada, Hamilton, Ontario
Formed in:
Thrash Metal/Metalcore
1. Conquer All 03:00  
2. After the Storm 03:19  
3. Fearless 03:39  
4. Voices and Hands 04:03  
5. New World 03:27  
6. Struggle and Salvation 04:11  
7. Soldiers 03:35  
8. Where Was God? 03:35  
9. All Hail the Redeemer 03:12  
10. Outro 01:14  

James Hyatt
Alex Skye
Francesco Testa
Didier Renault
Guitars, Drums
Josiah Brand

Calvarium - Discografia Completa 2010

Country of origin:
Italy, Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna
Black Metal
Michael Wolf'scall ended this project in order to form the depressive black metal band Asperger Syndrome together with his wife Double Phase.

Calvarium - Pro - War Against Satan (2010)-Demo
01. Pro War Against Satan
02. 777 l'Apocalisse
03. On Cross
04. My Sword
05. Outro

Calvarium - Apocalyptic Records (2010)-Demo
01. Black Death
02. Pro War Against Satan
03. On Cross
04. My Sword

Michael Wolf'scall

LInving In Victory - Be The Change

01. Linving In Victory 02.62
02. Make Moves  06.00
03. Till next Time 05.26
04. Roots 04.39
05. A Standard Isuue 03.78
06. Rise 04.88
07. Miles 04.65
08. Be The Change 08.51
09. The New Liberation 05.11


Declaration AD ‎– Sometimes It's Us 2015

Produced by TKO & Declaration AD 
Recorded & Mixed by TKO 
Assistant Engineer Hamish Anderson 
Recorded at STL Audio, Wellington NZ 
Mastered by Collin Jordan @ The Boiler Room, Chicago USA 
All songs written by Declaration AD except: 
Spent, Belonging, Questioners – written with Hamish Dobbie 
Better Man – written with Steve Woolley & Tom White 
1 Spent 2:03
2 Picket Signs and Protest Lines 2:33
3 Mental Hell 3:08
4 Sometimes It's Us 1:23
5 Better Man 3:06
6 Belonging 2:17
7 Questioners 2:30
8 04-14 4:31
9 White Collar Mind, Blue Collar Heart 3:00
10 Enfleshed 1:58
11 Peace Be With You

We wrote an album. Then we recorded it. Then other stuff happened that we didn't do so that it could be an album. Now it's here.
released June 18, 2015 

Guest vocals by Jai Aronsen (True North) & Jordi Zonneveld (One Outs) 

Gang vocal crew – Jai Aronsen, Cam Brennan-Belworthy, Sam Blyth, Glen Ellis, Frank Grieve, Dana Henwood, Troy Knott, Mike Lewis, Hamish Morgan, Emma Plewinski, Hayley Rosser, Jonny Sarich, Vasely Sapunov, Helen Sapunova, Connor Shaw, Lesley Wild, Jordi Zonneveld & Declaration AD 

Drums provided by Jacob Randall 
Bass Amp provided by Hadleigh Coffey 

Art direction, layout and design by Sam Coates 
Concept photography by Lesley Wild 
Band photo by Grace Gemuhluoglu 

Declaration AD is – 
Dan Drower, Dave Morrison, Kirk Hodgson, Sam Coates

Aurora Borealis - Apokalupsis May 15th, 2018

  Country of origin:
United States, Waldorf, Maryland
Black/Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Mythology, History (early), Sci-Fi, Old Earth Creationism (later)
Current label:
Casus Belli Musica
Formed by Ron Vento after leaving Lestregus Nosferatus.
1. And After 00:48  
2. Even Angels Sin 03:56   
3. Phlegethon 03:52  
4. Arrival 04:25  
5. Sarkikos 04:25
6. Dozakh 01:16  
7. Magor Missabib 04:04
8. The Great Expanse 04:22
9. Esoterica 04:09
10. Apokalupsis 04:52  
11. Lo-Ruhamah 04:42

Ron Vento
Vocals, Guitars, Programming (1994-present), Bass (2000-2006)
Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert
Bass (1999-2000, 2006-present)
Mark Green
Drums (2011-present)
Additional notes
Formed by Ron Vento after leaving Lestregus Nosferatus.
All full-length albums can be legally downloaded for free on the band's official website, including a file of cover songs Aurora Borealis have performed called "Covering the Skies". 
Named after the night-time celestial light display also known as Northern Lights. 
Appeared on the following tribute albums and compilations: 
"Post Mortem - Tribute to Slayer", covering "Altar of Sacrifice"
"Gateway to Hell - A Tribute to Slayer", also with "Altar of Sacrifice"
"Under the Guillotine - Tribute to Kreator", covering "Extreme Aggression" 
"Show No Mercy - Tribute to WASP", covering "I Wanna Be Somebody" 
"Scream Forth Blasphemy - A Tribute to Morbid Angel", covering "Ancient Ones"
"Hell Rules 2 - A Tribute to Black Sabbath", covering "After Forever"
"Awaken the Demon - Tribute to Dio", covering "We Rock"
"Hell Bent For Metal - Tribute to Judas Priest", covering "Metal Meltdown"
"From Hell" compilation, with the song "Thrice Told"
"The Metal Merchant - Cheap Hard & Heavy Vol. 14" with "Enter the Halls"
"Sonic Obliteration - Volume III", also with "Enter the Halls" 
"Worldwide Metal Inquisition", with the song "War of the Rings" 
"Visionaries of the Macabre - Volume I", with the song "The Storm"