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Plague of the Ungodly - Ominous Singularity released May 31, 2020

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Plague of the Ungodly
1.Inner Cranial Enigma 01:43
2.Demonic Addiction 03:41
3.Ethereal Tides 03:14
4.Golgotha 04:31
5.Lost 02:38
6.Abstract Logic of the Subconscious Mind 01:36
7.Projection 04:16
8.Interstate Epitaph 03:38
9.Infestation 03:28
10.Cope 03:50

Vinlandic Hate - Demo I released April 18, 2020

Vinlandic Hate
1.The Dawn of Winter 01:53
2.Sacrifice Yourself 02:27
3.I Deserve to Burn 03:20
4.Beneath the Moon 05:23
5.The Altar of Death 02:01
6.Rulers of the Night 02:55

Goat Desecrator - All Instruments
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Vinlandic Hate

Longing - Longing released April 14, 2020

One man project fusing atmospheric black metal, doom, and post metal. From Minneapolis, Minnesota.
1.Frozen 07:57
2.Veil Nebula 08:54

all rights reserved
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Unbegotten - 2019 - Single

Genre: Cavernous Grindcore
Country: United States
Vocals - Benjamin Steven Dohrmann (My Son)
Guitars/Bass/Drums - Jethro De Beer 
01 - To Die In My Stead

Site: http://www.facebook.com/unbegottenband
Contact: unbegotten@outlook.com

Bezaleel - La caida del orgullo EP

Genre:Experimental Death Metal
1.- Epistola
2.- Lamento
3.- Ensayo
4.- Ensayo
5.- La Caida del Orgullo
6.- Redencion
7.- Angustia ( Bonus Track )


Dallas, Texas
Bereavement January 26, 2018
1.Bereavement 08:23
2.Bereavement *Instrumental* 08:23
3.BereaveBIT *8-Bit Version* 08:11

                             Magnify released May 22, 2020 
1.Magnify 13:01
2.Magnify *Instrumental* 13:01
3.Magn8fy *8-Bit Version* 12:44 

Based on Solomon's temple dedicated found in 1st Kings 8:22-52. "Magnify" is a 13-minute worship epic declaring the uniqueness and authority of Yahweh, God of the Bible. The focus is on how great He is and how small we are. 
Despite this, God looks upon and hears us in our distress. 
credits Performance credits: John Wesley - Composition and Arrangements, Guitars, Bass, Vocals Michael Osborn - Drums, Vocals Sarah Copus - Female Choral Vocals 
Production credits: Native Darkness Productions
Engineering, Mixing, Mastering Jackson Pope - Guitar Reamping Assistance Gragoth

Slaying Of death - Spiritual Orphans released June 1, 2020

1.Tears Of Wax 04:58
2.Flowing Fire 04:45
3.Sorrow Less 04:21
4.When we suffer 04:56
5.Cannot Sink 04:08
6.Wilde Flowers 05:29
7.Holy Simplicity 05:42
8.Slaying Of death 04:57