Body of Christ

Body of Christ
Country of origin:
Belgium, Tongeren, Limburg
Formed in:
Death Metal
Half-way through 1996 the band split-up due to motivational problems. However, in 1998 Luc and Franky revived the band.
Soul Struggle Demo 1994
Release date:
1. The Body of Christ 06:42
2. Overflow 05:49   
3. Unholy Glee 07:56   
4. Hanging Man 06:20  
5. Megalomanic Masturbation 03:51  
The Schizophrenic Approach EP 2005
Release date:
1. The Descent 01:10  
2. Basement Bait 05:44  
3. Flesh Is Weak 04:10  
4. A Fool's Thoughts 07:03
5. The Solipsist 05:35

Luc Croughs
Franky Hendrikx
Vocals, Bass, Keyboards 
Frank Hermans
Bert Vanherf

Sword of His Mouth - Reh. Demo released September 11, 2018

99% improvised. This was sort of just "testing the waters" of recording with my phone instead of a proper recording device. Hopefully the quality of the songs will increase as I continue with this. I hope to, at the very least, get drums in on the next one. 
The lyrics really aren't that good considering I improvised them, and I can't even understand half of them anymore. Basically: the implication of "creation", as portrayed by Scripture, is that non-human sentient life, though silent, acknowledges God. The idea of this demo is a solitary wolf reflecting on its wintry surroundings, and criticizing the evil that it finds in the world built by mankind. 
Sword of His Mouth was "formed" near the end of 2015. Only did stuff with it now (2018).
1.I (intro / instrumental) 01:27
2.II 05:49
3.III 06:44
4.IV 10:21
5.V (outro / instrumental) 04:28

All music for this project (for the foreseeable future) will be recorded on a cellphone. 
My recorder is broken and until I can fix it or get a new one, I'll be working on this. 
"And out of [Jesus'] mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God." 
- Revelation 19:15

Nocturnal Iridescence - All instruments, Vocals 
God - Divine inspiration and motivation
Nocturnal Iridescence

Dehumanize - Malum, Scelesto, Ferox August 30th, 2018

Death Metal
Integrantes del grupo
Eli Vincent - Vocals/Drum Programming
Anthony Leasgang - Guitar/Bass
Ciudad de origen
Louisville, KY
Sello discográfico
A slamming death metal band from Louisville, KY. 
Eli Vincent - Vocals/Drum Programming
Anthony Leasgang - Guitar/Bass
1. A Vile Progression 03:51
2. Virtual Signaling
3. As Sodom Burns
4. For We Are Many 02:09
5. Our Unending Depravity
6. To Be Spared of Evil 03:21
7. My Cup Overfloweth 02:31
8. Ad Nauseam
9. Apex Creation, Dubious Catalyst 04:01
10. Imperii Inmotuae
11. Let Me Axe You a Question

Parakletos - Se Guds Lamm June 30th, 2018

Country of origin:
Finland, Vaasa
Formed in:
Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Current label:
Rivel Records
14 años despues de habernos presentado su trabajo he aqui la muestra
1. Se Guds Lamm (A.D. 2018)  
2. Människans Fall : Del 1  
3. A Sovereign Fortress (Antestor cover)

Featured on "Sorg - White Metal Compilation Vol. I" with the song "Syndafloden (Med Emma)" (7:36).

The Nails - Стремление к жизни 2009

The Nails
Country of origin:
Azerbaijan, Baku
Formed in:
Gothic/Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
War, Injustice, Pain
1. Интро 02:28  
2. Ложь 05:53  
3. Стремление к жизни 05:12  
4. Страх 03:16  
5. Война 03:32  
6. Спасение 01:26  
7. Инцест 08:09  
8. Лицемерие 03:28  
9. Замкнутая жизнь 04:06  
10. Люди Низшего Сословия 06:10  
11. Стремление к жизни (Latin version) 

Dinara Izmaylova
Bahtiyar Aliyev
Vocals, Bass
Ziyad Gasanov
Vocals, Guitars
Первые попытки группы "The Nails" в создании музыки были произведены в марте 2007-ого года. Всё было не так уж плохо, 
просто не так серьёзно. В начале 2008-ого года группа имела стабильное место для репетиций, но не имела стабильных 
музыкантов. В конце концов, в группе остались лишь два человека, те, которые изначально это всё и затеяли - Алиев Бахтияр 
и Гасанов Зияд. Друзья не пали духом и дописали свой материал, состоящий из трёх песен. Барабанщика временно заменила 
драм - машина. 13-ого июля того же года "The Nails" удачно выступили на концерте "Dark Line II", после чего, записали 
первое Дэмо, состоящее из, подготовленных раннее, 3-ёх песен и одного кавера. 2-ого ноября группа выступила на концерте 
"Next Generation", 14-ого декабря на концерте "Свобода Мысли". В декабре 2008-ого года в группе появилась клавишница 
Измайлова Динара, которая уже 22-ого февраля хорошо выступила на концерте "Dark Line III". Через месяц группа приняла 
участие в "Весеннем Концерте". Позже "The Nails" выставили на прослушку 2-ой дэмо альбом, несущий в себе 5 песен с 
концерта "Dark Line III". С августа по декабрь 2009-ого года Гвозди ещё несколько раз выступали на концертах, организуемых 
при поддержке Darkline, а в январе 2010-ого года "The Nails", наконец, выпустили свой первый студийный альбом, под 
названием: "Стремление к жизни". После записи альбома группу покидает гитарист Зияд Гасанов.
Итак на данный момент "The Nails" взяв новых музыкантов продолжает активно репетировать и готовить новый материал.

Silence Lies Fear - The Storm Looming Ahead November 24th, 2012

Nargiz Shakhmuradova
Zakir Qasimov
Asim Ragimov
Drums (2008-present)
Jakhangir Zeynalov
Guitars (2008-present)
Elmar Asadullayev
Vocals (2011-present)
Ruslan Aleynikov
Guitars (2012-present)
1. Still Breath 03:13  
2. Void Created by Others 03:59
3. Lies 03:59  
4. These Dark Clouds over Me 03:32  
5. Fear 03:06
6. The Fallen 02:43   
7. Remain 03:31  
8. Place Forgotten by the Gods 04:06
9. The Storm Looming Ahead; Part 1 00:28   instrumental
10. The Storm Looming Ahead; Part 2 10:52

Azerbaijan, Baku /Melodic Death Metal/ Modern
Silence Lies Fear - modern melodic death metal band from Baku, Azerbaijan Republic.
The band has recorded and released a debut album in 2012.
Silence Lies Fear was founded in 2008 by Jakhangir Zeynalov and Asim Rahimov.
They both loved death metal, so they've started to use and combine their 
thoughts to create heavy music. In their tracks they have a lot of melodic riffs and solos,
which will touch your soul and let you feel the harmony of your mind. From time to time 
destroying this feeling with a brutal riffs. As if a moment ago you were floating
in a calm water, but right now there's a storm ahead.
Drums are saturated with drum fills, blast beats, and a massive double bass work to create
a feeling of thunder and lightning and make you move your feet trying to grab something steady.
The vocals are mostly growls and screams trying to show you how desperate the situation is,
the depression, and clean vocals at times, because there is always some hope left.
Lyrics cover topics of war, feelings, death, depression and etc. 
Currently the band finished second full lenght album 
which was mixed and mastered by Mr. Jacob Hansen (Hansen Studios) in 2014 and was released on 14th june 2015.
The Storm Looming Ahead (2012)
Жанр: Melodic Death Metal
Elmar Asadullayev - vocals
Carolina Alexandra-vocals
Jakhangir Zeynalov - guitar
Asim Rahimov - drums
Родной город: Baku
Студии записи: Self-Released

V.I.D.A. - Mentes enfermas March 30th, 2018

Country of origin:
Argentina, Zarate, Buenos Aires
Formed in:
Melodic Death Metal
Victimas Inocentes De Argentina
1. Tu peor miseria 04:50  
2. No hay opción 03:48  
3. Guerrero 04:54  
4. Mentes enfermas 04:15  
5. El encanto de la muerte 05:53  
6. Vestigios de sangre 05:16  
7. Falsa moral 04:15  
8. Fermentos de infeccioіn 03:50