Revulsed - 2015 - 2017

Country of origin:
Melbourne, Victoria
Formed in:
Technical/Brutal Death Metal

Infernal Atrocity Full-length 2015
1. Rapacious Engorgement 03:57
2. Agonising Putrid Self-Infliction 03:50
3. Pestilential Articulation 03:39
4. Imposed Cognitive Reconstruction 04:00
5. Transmutational Craniotomy 03:54
6. Archetypal Cauterization 04:13
7. Enticement to Carnivorous Impoverishment 04:04
8. Celestial Perspicacity 02:49
9. Infernal Atrocity 02:01

Jayson Sherlock Drums (2010-present)
See also: 
Altera Enigma, 
 ex-Light Force, 
ex-Teramaze (live), 
ex-Where Shadows Lie
Sheldon D'Costa Guitars (2010-present)
See also: 
Mark Smith Bass (2015-present)
Damien Miriklis Vocals (2016-present)

Live Atrocity - The Inception of Sufferance Live album 2017
1. Rapacious Engorgement 03:59
2. Agonising Putrid Self-Infliction 03:59
3. Pestilential Articulation 03:41
4. Imposed Cognitive Reconstruction 04:05
5. Transmutational Craniotomy 03:54
6. Archetypal Cauterization 04:13
7. Enticement to Carnivorous Impoverishment 04:00
8. Celestial Perspicacity 02:42
9. Infernal Atrocity 02:02

10. Hammer Smashed Face (Cannibal Corpse cover) 04:04


Endzeit - Years of Hunger September 13th, 2014

Liricamente, las canciones tratan de una vida sin futuro en un mundo post-apocalíptico. Las referencias a los contextos religiosos se pueden encontrar, sin embargo, refleja una narración sin Dios. La decadencia de la ciudad de Detroit, donde el capitalismo moderno ha fracasado, provocó la inspiración para integrar la decadencia de la vida, la decadencia de la felicidad y la ausencia de un futuro en el concepto musical y lírico de la banda. Sólo las oscuras sombras humanas ahora habitan en los escombros ardiendo.
1. Inception 01:08  instrumental
2. Hunger 04:58  
3. Godless 05:29  
4. Life? 06:42  
5. The Dawn No More Rises (Dark Funeral cover)

Pyry Hanski Bass (2012-present)
Samuli Drums (2012-present)
Polaris Guitars (2012-present)
Schwarz Guitars, Vocals (2014-present

Euphoreon - Euphoreon April 30th, 2011

Country of origin:
New Zealand / Germany
Formed in:
Melodic Death Metal
1. Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining 05:18
2. Before the Blackened Sky 06:05
3. Forever Being 05:20
4. Eleventh Heaven 07:33
5. Where Dead Skies Dwell 05:35
6. From the Netherworld 05:07
7. Starnight Rider 05:28
8. Road to Redemption 05:33
Eugen Dodenhoeft Bass, Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Drums
See also: Far Beyond, ex-Ecthirion
Matt Summerville Guitars (lead), Vocals (2009-present)

Theogony - Demo 2016 December 2016

Country of origin:
Makassar, South Celebes
Formed in:
Death Metal
Years active:
1. Antisemitism  
2. Stertorous  
3. Non Observance  
4. Apotheosis  
5. Spiritum Sanctum

Amal Bass
Gilang Drums
Ian Guitars
Asrul Guitars
Wira Vocals

Abated Mass of Flesh - Descending upon the Deceased June 10th, 2016

1. Mouth of the Tomb 01:35  
2. Violence 03:46  
3. Vital Extrication 04:11  
4. Premonition of the Infected 03:12  
5. Inquitous Decimation 02:25
6. Saul I Am 01:41  
7. Deathcrusher 02:27  
8. Descending upon the Deceased 03:18  

Additional notes
Started in the summer of 2011 originally as a one-man project of Zack Plunkett, until recruiting his brother Matthew as lead vocalist followed by acquiring additional members thus fulfilling the requirements of a full band. 
Also released a cover of "Peace in the Galaxy", originally by Mortification.
The band never settle on one logo at a time, instead they have several logos that they tend to cycle through and re-use for different releases and merchandise. The four logos that are shown to the right isn't even the complete roster.

Abated Mass of Flesh - Lacerated April 12th, 2017

4 logos son los que distingen esta banda de Brutal Death Metal desde Estados Unidos que desde 2011, nos han demostradop que su estilo es unico, rapides en la bateria, voz gutural propio del estilo Brutal
1. Infectious Womb 02:52
2. Gouged Out 02:40
3. Choked 01:27
4. Shadowed by Light 03:57
5. Echoes of Atrocity 02:29
6. Impenetrable Darkness 03:17
7. The Ghost 04:39
8. Separatist 02:08  instrumental
Zack Plunkett Everything (2011-2012), Guitars, Vocals (backing) (2012-present)
Matthew Plunkett Vocals (lead) (2012-present)
Riley Wingate Drums (2014-present)
Thomas Wingate Guitars (2014-present)

Cryptic Rising - Demo January 20th, 2017

Zack Plunkett All instruments (2012-present)
Matthew Plunkett Vocals (2012-present)
1. In Your Blood 04:45  
2. Skeptic 01:24  
3. Wearer 03:17