Flayed Alive - Before The Ground Consumes January 17, 2018

Zack Plunkett - All music and vocals
Flayed Alive
Unionville, Tennessee
Side project from Zack Plunkett (Abated Mass Of Flesh)
01.Before The Ground Consumes 02:16


Third eye nature
Structure complexity
Dwelling beneath the altered state
Defining what it means to be
Stillness evaporates
Into the midst you now breathe
Existing in the current
Grounded into energy
A graceful atonement
Resting on the pillars of self
Dwell longer
Sit with me in the pale sunrise
With me you shall be

Until we have Faces - Machine Men released September 10, 2012

On the surface, Until we have Faces is a metal band, made up of Christians, 
that merges many heavy sub-cultures into one: a new, yet familiar genre of metal. 
We’re based out of Pittsburgh, and we want to work hard to do this for a living. 
Further than that, we are 5 musicians who do not like the same kind of music, 
and have vastly different personalities and styles. 
1.Intro 01:46
2.We are Man 03:31
3.You Bring the Pitchfork, and I'll Bring a Prayer. 03:42
4.Conquests 03:31
5.Voices 03:39
6.You Should see Her 03:33


Tefilla - Grievous Anguish 1998

Netherlands, Groningen, Groningen Province
Thrash Metal
Additional Discography:
"Scenes From the Grave" CD
1. Sanguis 05:31
2. Grievous Anguish 08:21
3. The Judge 06:46
4. The Pillar 07:38
5. Exorators Chapel 05:58
6. Funeral of Death 07:32
7. Horn of Salvation 09:46

Edwin van der Laan Bass
Johnny Van Dijk Drums
Jeroen Wilts Guitars
Leo van Gilst Guitars
Jaap Heeling Vocals

Old Memories - Prelude to Oblivion October 15th, 2006

Old Memories
Country of origin:
Norway, Sandnes
Symphonic Death Metal
Current label:
E.E.E. Recordings
Years active:
2000-2004 (as Pagan Megalith), 2004-present
The band started under the name Pagan Megalith, making Pagan Black Metal. A demo was released that sounded like Burzum and Graveland. In 2004, Bjørn Tunsberg converted to Christianity, destroyed all the demo copies and gave the band the name it has today. The name comes from the Opeth song "Wreath" from the Deliverance album.
The band runs Forest ov Skulls.
1. Ethernal 01:20
2. Beneath Eternal Fire 06:36
3. A Scream ov Reason 06:03
4. Morning Lamnet 07:20
5. Wreath 07:45
6. Eon and Eternity 08:27
7. Ethereal 02:10
8. I stillhet jeg observerer 08:36
9. Mot skumrings skogen 08:12

Bjørn Tunsberg

Blacksoul Seraphim - The Persecution Hymns April 10th, 2016

Blacksoul Seraphim
Country of origin:
United States, Northampton, Massachusetts
Doom/Gothic Metal
Lyrical themes:
Hope, Despair, Rebellion, Corruption, Religion, Poverty, Complacency, Avarice
1. Sunsworn Knight 08:46
2. Pureblood Demon 10:11

Rick Lowell
Drums, Vocals (harsh) (2012-present)
See also: Doctor Dementia, ex-Sorrowseed, ex-Gamohra (live), ex-Pandora's Toybox

Joshua Carrig
Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards (2012-present)
See also: Doctor Dementia, ex-Sorrowseed, ex-Pandora's Toybox

Salutary - Violated Holiness Demo 1997

1. Judgement by Death 06:43
2. World Mislead 05:05
3. Hypocrisy of a Man 04:47
4. Hysterical Manifestation 05:20
5. Perfect Solution (Live) 03:41
6. Judgement by Death (Live) 06:22
7. Lake of Fire (Live) 03:32
8. Hypocrisy of a Man (Live) 04:48

Jos Lucas
Bass, Guitars, Vocals (growls & backing)
Gerard Jaspers Focks
Drums, Vocals (backing)
Ruffi Trapman
Guitars, Vocals (backing)
David Van Greuningen
Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Jan-Paul Lucas

Necrolytic Goat Converter - Demo MMXVI March 6th, 2016

Necrolytic Goat Converter
United States. New York City, New York
Depressive Black/Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Religion, Depression
1. The Past Through Tomorrow 01:02   instrumental
2. Second Skin 05:00
3. Withdrawn 03:42
4. Throne of Cold 04:18
5. Absolution 06:14
6. The Futility of Self Revision 06:59
7. Smell of Death (Curdled Milk) 04:42
8. Tomorrow Through the Past 01:01   instrumental
9. Man, This Throne is Dark! (Throne of Cold demo) 03:33

Chris Voss