Somos un sello independiente que apoya solo bandas Cristianas de Rock y Metal en español, convencidos del llamado de Dios al mercado hispano de proclamar su reino.
Abel Gomez
Llamar 55 16 91 24 99
Lament Recodrs 
Es un Sello Disquero de Mexico, que actualmente tiene los derechos de algunas bandas y EP, entre los cuales se destacan los siguientes discos y es para que si tienes intencion de compra te puedes Contactar directamente con Abel Gomez

Abandoned Mortuary - Race of Hypocrisy April 15th, 2018

Abandoned Mortuary
Country of origin:
Hungary, Budapest
Death Metal/Grindcore
Lyrical themes:
Religion, Feelings, Death
1. Unheard Screams 01:09  
2. Sacrifice to Moloch 04:36  
3. Race of Hypocrisy 05:25  
4. Perishing Hope 03:17  
5. Altar of the Golden Calf 03:16  
6. King of Grass 02:21  
7. Unseen 06:01  
8. A Voice in the Desert 00:25  
9. Deep Secrets 03:21  
10. Dry Bones 04:50

Current label:
Abran Records

Holy Moses - Redefined Mayhem April 25th, 2014

Holy Moses
Country of origin:
Germany, Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Formed in:
Speed/Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Religion, Society, War
Current label:
Formed by Ramon Brüssler and Jochen Fünders.
1. Hellhound 03:44   
2. Triggered 03:28
3. Undead Dogs 03:34  
4. Into the Dark 04:38  
5. Sacred Sorrows 03:31  
6. Process of Projection 03:56
7. Fading Realities 03:11   
8. Liars 03:19  
9. Redemption of the Shattered 03:17
10. Whet the Knife 03:23  
11. Delusion 03:52
12. One Step Ahead of Death 04:57
13. This Dirt 01:16

There were only three official early demos, the first one was "Black Metal Masters", followed by "The Bitch" and "Walpurgisnight". The other ones are rehearsal tapes which include tracks recorded by the band as well as live tracks.

Righteous Vendetta - Cursed 17 March 2017

RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA is ready for battle, driven by the fire of the classic New Wave Of American Metalcore movement, with a fresh melodic bent. They are primed to decimate the airwaves and the stage, with a unifying message of hope and inspiration, all delivered with smoldering intensity. 
1. War Is Killing Us All 03:38
2. Cursed 03:05
3. Weight of the World 03:18
4. Daemons 03:28
5. A Way Out 03:16
6. Defiance 03:21
7. Psycho 03:24
8. Never Say Never 03:19
9. Doomed 04:06
10. Burn 03:43
11. Halfway 03:40
12. Become 03:45
13. Strangers 03:48

Ryan Hayes -- Vocals
Justin Olmstead -- Guitar
Zack Goggins -- Drums
Riley Haynie -- Bass

Prophets of War The Angel and the Hourglass August 2nd, 2014

Prophets of War
Australia, Brisbane, Queensland
Formed in:
Progressive Death Metal
1. The Beginning is Near 03:35  
2. The Great Disguise 09:20  
3. Conflicted Reality 06:39  
4. Arena Holocaust 07:16  
5. Time to Die 06:32  
6. Through the Veil of Separation 06:43  
7. From Nothing 05:25  
8. Stronger Than Hate 08:05

Sean O'Brien
Guitars (2008-2011, 2013-2015)
Paul Jeanrenaud
Vocals, Guitars (2008-2015)
See also: ex-Amatol
David Currie Guitars (2011-2013), Vocals (2011-2015), Keyboards (2013-2015)
Nathan Harris Drums (2012-2015)
Adrian Pagano Bass, Vocals (2013-2015)

Irgalom / Abandoned Mortuary - Split released April 5, 2018

1.Steadfast Ways 03:05
2.Endures Forever 00:45

Abandoned Mortuary
3.Blind Guides 03:32
4.The Word 01:14

Abran Records is a means of publishing the music of various projects involving its founder. The label covers various musical genres from rock to grindcore and the list is expanding with new projects and bands added to the roster.

Minier - Minier 1990

Country of origin: United States California
Genre: Thrash Metal
Last label: R.E.X. Music
Solo project of The Crucified guitarist Greg Minier.
1. Do Not Be Deceived 03:36   
2. The Skeptic 03:35
3. Price 05:06
4. Killing of the Innocent 03:22
5. Prophecy 03:07
6. Philosophy of Man 05:30
7. The Secret Song 01:38   instrumental

Greg Minier
All instruments
Ex Integrante de:
The Crucified, 
Three Kings
1. Do Not Be Deceived 03:36
2. The Skeptic 03:35
3. Price 05:06
4. Killing of the Innocent 03:22

Demo 551561

Guest appearances:
1993 - XL and Death Before Dishonor - "Sodom and America", CD (Brainstorm Artists International, cat. # 7100534674 / Epic Records, cat. # EK 53759) - guitars on "Brother to the Saboteur", "Sifting with the Sickle";
1994 - The Blamed - "21", CS/CD (Tooth & Nail Records, cat. # TNC1008 / TND1008) - guitars on "The Ballad of the Blamed";
2016 - XL and Death Before Dishonor - "Offensive Truth, Vol. 1", CD/DF (Self-Released / CDBaby) - guitars on "Rapist";  
As the sticker on the front stated, "A solo thrash album by the Crucified guitarist Greg Minier." That about sums it up. I talked with Greg about this disc when I caught the Crucified on tour. (Had him sign it as well.) He was very open about talking about it and told me that it was just a demo that he performed all the instruments on. He presented it to R.E.X. who wanted to release it as is. The demo didn't even have any bass guitar. Surprisingly it doesn't sound half bad. It's actually a good disc with decent production. The liner notes list: Vocals: Me, Guitars: Myself, Drums: I. This disc is WAY out of print and ultra rare, especially as it is autographed. In case anyone asks, no I am not interested in selling it. Greg also recorded a solo project under the name Applehead.