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Deafest used to be called DunkelSkog, "dark forest" in Swedish, for a brief time in 2006

United States
Littleton, Colorado
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Love for Nature
Current label:
Deafest used to be called DunkelSkog, "dark forest" in Swedish, for a brief time in 2006. They played one show on 06/06/06 and then broke up. In 2008 they reformed under the name Deafest.
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Deafest / Dunkelheit Split 2008
Weakened Full-length 2008  
Severnaya / Deafest Split 2008

Deafest / Cynd Split 2009
Mirovia / Deafest Split 2009
Eroding Peaks Full-length 2009 1
Deafest / Livimørket Split 2009
Splinters: Collecting the Split Songs Compilation 2010
Earth Turned Skyward Full-length 2010
2010 Rehearsal Tapes Demo 2011
Through Wood and Fog EP 2011
Starless Night / Deafest Split 2012
Wendess / Deafest Split 2012
Grey Rock, Red Earth Split 2013
Splinters II / Through Wood and Fog Compilation 2013
Five Winters Compilation 2014
Above All Summits Split 2014
Alpine Expanse EP 2014
70 Million Years Since the Sea EP 2014
Of Moss and Stone Split 2014
Alpine EP 2015
Deafest / Sinding Split 2015
Runoff EP 2015
Glen and Precipice Full-length 2016
Ephemeral EP 2017
A Shadow upon the Lake EP 2017
1. Abyss Lake 04:29
2. Kite Lake 04:46

Chase Guitars, Bass
See also: Arête, 
ex-Diarrhea Till You Die
Toda la musica de este artista encuentrala en 
Denver, Colorado
Organizer of the Black Metal Alliance's Crushing Intolerance Anti-NSBM Charity Compilations:
Since the second full-length, Deafest plays an instrumental ode to the beauty 
and awe of nature (mostly Colorado nature). Black Metal is the base of the music.

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