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Light Unseen - Imago Dei released July 14, 2017

Music & lyrics: Christian "Shun" Marthiljohni 
Recorded & mixed by: Shun
all rights reserved

Light Unseen
San Marcos, Texas
01.Imago Dei 01.38

Our creation from Above 
With the imprint of God's likeness 
We are inspired 

Our equality of value 
No slavery just service 
Humbly Loving 

Imago Dei 
To serve each other is to serve Him 
Imago Dei 
Sacred each life is to Him 

Imago Dei 
In each of us is image of Him 
Imago Dei 
Reason, choice, dominion 

Imago Dei 
Christ the perfect human Reflection 
Imago Dei 
God to man relation 


The choice is ours 
Whether to serve Him 
To know Him, to love Him 
Life is perfected by Him
Light Unseen started when guitarist/bassist/vocalist/programmer Shun met up with drummer Adrian. 
Both having a love for metal music of all kinds, they decided to pool their talents and give 
glory to the Trinity via extreme metal music. Gigs started in the fall of 2016, 
demo published in late summer 2017. Shows throughout 2017 may feature both members or 
just Shun depending on their work schedules.

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