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Vials of Wrath - Days Without NamesSeptember 8th, 2015

Vials of Wrath
Country of origin:
United States, Charlotte, North Carolina (early), Maryville, Tennessee (later)
Formed in:
Ambient Black Metal
1. That Which I've Beheld 02:51   instrumental
2. Journey Beyond the Flesh 09:12  
3. Revival of the Embers 07:23
4. Burning Autumn Leaves (Under a Harvest Moon) 07:02
5. The Path Less Oft Tread 08:31
6. Silhouettes Against the Sun 02:11   instrumental
7. A Cleansing Prayer 08:50

Appears on "Hymns of the Blackest Light, Volume 1" with the track "All That Is Left in Shade".
Appears on "All Things Christian Extreme Metal Volume 1" with the song "Revival of the Embers".

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