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Agonal - Death Defeated January 15th, 2016

Appears on "All Things Christian Extreme Metal Volume 1" with the song "Almighty".
Agonal comes from the Greek word agon which means to struggle. 
The word agonal is usually associated with great pain and relating to that which occurs just before death.
The question is how will you think and what will you do just before your death? The way, 
the truth, and the life will only come through believing in Jesus Christ. 
Agonal was brought to life in the winter of 2010 by Kentuckian Jon Francis. 
The original goal of the project was to create three albums each with a different theme and style. 
This plan came to pass in 2013 with the completion of the trilogy released by Sanctus Gladius Records. 
1. The Scars of Memory 05:12
2. Death Defeated 05:14  
3. Parting Heavens 04:11
4. Prayer 04:54
5. Freedom 04:59
6. The Path 06:10
7. Almighty 05:58
8. Send the Fire 04:29
9. Send the Rain 06:11
10. The Long Forlorn 04:37
11. Sanctified 03:35
12. Søndag 04:04

The album sold out in a matter of weeks. 
With the completion of the trilogy and departure from the record label, songwriting continued. 
The album Death Defeated was released in January 2016. On the new album, 
Finnish singer/songwriter Ville Hämäläinen added his signature sound to the band. 
Death Defeated has elements of doom, black, death, gothic, and even groove metal. 
The album has been described by a long-time fan, Jethro Flack, as, 
"a truly incredible album! It is flipping brilliant! All the composition, structure, and writing is perfect." 
The lyrics and theme of the album are to give the utmost praise and honor to our Father God and to Jesus Christ. 
On the cross Christ defeated the works of the devil, and death and the enemy will ultimately be cast into the lake of fire. 
O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?
-1 Corinthians 15:55

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