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Analogy - The Circle of Life August 30th, 2013

El Salvador San Miguel (early), San Salvador (later)
Formed in: 2003
Genre: Progressive Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Life, Fantasy
Current label: Unsigned/independent

The band split up in 2005 because its members relocated to San Salvador, but after two years inactive, they reformed the band.
Otra banda mas de mi pais El Salvador
1. In Exordium 01:25   instrumental
2. Starlit Skies 05:51
3. Tears of the Moon 04:17
4. Chaos Crusade 04:41
5. Inner Fire 04:33
6. The Dance of Life 04:41
7. Ghost of the Forsaken 06:01   instrumental
8. Petrified 04:51
9. Our Land 04:26
10. Time to Fly 05:15
11. Last Journey Home 03:47
12. Novus Orsa 02:16   instrumental

Duration 52:04
Benji Lopez
Bass, backing vocals (2003-present)

Eduardo Franco
Guitars (lead) (2003-2009), Vocals, Guitars (2009-present)
See also: ex-Legacy, ex-Icarus, ex-Everfar, ex-Goria, ex-Midgard

Guitars (rhythm) (2009-present)

Alex Cordero
Drums (2013-present)
See also: Alma Blanca

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