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Jordan Rodriguez - The Book of Life released October 6, 2017

For the book of life I wanted to create an album that shows influences of bands I listened to in the past,  just retouch my roots. Elements from black metal, death metal, metal core, thrash metal, and etc. Everything composed and produced by me with a couple of special guests featured. Thank youfor your support, God Bless.
Special thanks to the 2 guests on my album. Juan Ortiz and my beloved wife Lyshonda Rodriguez.

Jordan Rodriguez
1.The Spirit that Burns Inside of me 03:52
2.Decay 03:56
3.Scripture 04:05
4.Infinite Struggle 04:19
5.Fearless 03:13
6.Root 03:22
7.Betrayal 03:39
8.Be Healed 03:38
9.No More Burdens 02:04
10.Echoes in the Wind 04:30
11.Sacrifice 03:58
12.Final Words 03:33
13.Fade Away Into the Light 04:00
14.Visions 04:04
15.Seeking Your Face 03:48

They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for me as a musician of God.
My name is Jordan Rodriguez I'm an artist and a musician. I've been playing acoustic, electric, bass guitar, piano,  and drums for over a decade and a half. I just put my heart and soul into anything musical I create,  no matter what style it is. Thank you everyone, God Bless.

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