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Jordan Rodriguez - Dwelling Single 2018

01.Dwelling Single 2018


- The anti-christ
That's dwelling on earth
- The anti-god
That's persuading the masses
- The one called christ
That's dwelling inside of me
- The one true God
That's guiding the few

- Complexity over nessecity
Consumed by nothing but hate
- We ask of you
to forgive those who
are lead astray from your faith
- Destined for
Eternal flames
Unless you change course today
- The time is now
There is no tomorrow
Self pity believing that
you cant change

- All who don't
believe in Our God
- Are all called
the anti-christ
- All shall perish
by their own selfish guilt
- Finally relieved from
this body of flesh

- Spiraling down
Now contradictions race in your head
- Straight into hell
Now your choices are beyond past due

Verse 2-
- Forever tossing and turning
While you lie awake
Times flying right by
- A war revealing
By the demons
That want your life
To devour you whole
- Devil never fights fair
Deceiving all the decievers
- Fighting back with his powerful word
A Massive blow
Destroying the yoke

- Setting the world
Ablaze [x2]

- All life ceases to exist
Returning to the omni creator
- Awaiting sentencing
kneeling before his majesty
- Awaiting to be reborn
Our souls are in your hands

They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for me as a musician of God. My name is Jordan Rodriguez I'm an artist and a musician. I've been playing acoustic, electric, bass guitar, piano, and drums for over a decade and a half. I just put my heart and soul into anything musical I create, no matter what style it is. Thank you everyone, God Bless.

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