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Necromantic 2013 - 2014

Necromantic is a one man project based out of Fayetteville. 
An amalgamation of doom and down tempo death metal, the music is best described as straightforward and melodic.
death metal, doom metal,funeral doom
Chicago, Illinois
Buried Beneath The Christmas Tree December 6, 2013
1.O Come, O Come Emmanuel 03:52
2.It Came Upon A Midnight Clear 03:37
3.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 01:57
4.O Come All Ye Faithful 04:12
5.Jingle Bells 04:12

Ego Sum Papa December 16, 2013
1.Glare Of The Crone 07:02
2.gods 05:11
3.Shroud 08:08
4.Be It Harm One 06:27
5.To Dream Of Endor 04:48
6.To Such As These (For Obi) 06:16
7.Local Possession 05:21

Necromantic May 2, 2014
1.The Approach Of The Shrouded King (free) 04:48
2.Ancient Doors (free) 05:46
3.Thy Strong Word (free) 05:10
4.When Shadows Flee (free) 03:54
5.From Altar To Table (free) 04:52
6.At The Foot Of The Place Of The Skull (free) 05:04
7.A Funeral For An Empty Shroud (free) 04:42
8.Efficacious (free) 05:02
9.Ripping The Mask From Grace (free) 03:40
10.Clawing Through Sod (free) 06:33

This album explores a more downtempo death metal style with less of the doom influences of "Ego Sum Papa." It is more melodic with more concise songs. The plan for the lyrical content is to explore the historical Church Year (from Advent to End Times) and what the significance is for the Church on earth.

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