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TIMŌRĀTUS - 7 Deadly Sins [EP] released February 1, 2018

This is a EP that is part of a split from Christian Metal Underground Records.
David Napier - Instrumentation / Vocals 
Courtney Napier - Vocals
all rights reserved
1.Pride 01:07
2.Lust 00:43
3.Greed 01:21
4.Gluttony 00:53
5.Envy 00:58
6.Wrath 01:07
7.Sloth 00:51

Louisville, Kentucky
TIMŌRĀTUS is a multi-genre metal project and it is an ultimate effort to bring honor and glory to our savior Jesus Christ.
Fronted by David & Courtney Napier.
TIMŌRĀTUS means, a, um, adj. timor, full of reverence towards God, devout, Vulg. Luc. 2, 25 (transl. of the Gr. εὐλαβής); id. Act. 8, 2; Hier. in Isa. 14, 50, 10.  

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