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Misery Chastain - Awaiting The End 2009

Misery Chastain
Country of origin:
United States. Cullman, Alabama
Formed in:
Deathcore/Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
1. Intro 01:28  
2. Awaiting the End 04:24   
3. Recipe for Destruction 03:23   
4. The Unseen 03:41
5. Mourning a Dying World 05:04   
6. Behold the Beast 03:17
7. Innocence to Ashes 04:11

Clay Byrom
Bass (2006-2010)
Ex integrante de: Mortal Treason
Seth Powell
Drums (2006-2010)
Jesse Mardis
Guitars (2006-2010)
Wes Harrison
Guitars (2006-2010)
Seth Kimbrough
Vocals (2006-2010)
Ex integrante de: Mortal Treason
Seth Kimbrough is pro BMX rider and appeared as a playable character on the video game Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2.

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