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Split / Iceaxe and Deafest

NOTE: This is NOT the official release. Please visit iceaxe.bandcamp.com/album/iceaxe-deafest\ 
for merch such as the actual physical CDs. 
Official release title is “Iceaxe / Deafest” 
1.Iceaxe - Windhaven 11:18
2.Iceaxe - Snowmass 12:55
3.Pika in the Boulder Field 02:05
4.Huron 06:00
5.Shavano 07:09

An atmospheric Rocky Mountain Black Metal split between Iceaxe (Denver, CO | Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal) and Deafest (Denver, CO | Atmospheric Instrumental Black/Folk Metal). 
Both projects are solo artists that climb mountains and contribute to the local metal scene. They thank you immensely for your support. 
Catalog Numbers: 
NWR 1800-0: Digital 
NWR 1800-1: CD, Jewel Case (50 Copies)
released April 6, 2018 
Iceaxe | Thomas Horner: Guitars, fretless bass, drums, vocals, keyboards, ebow, mixing, mastering 
Deafest | Chase: All instruments 
Split produced by Thomas Horner and Chase Ambler. Final masters by Thomas Horner and Denver Disc. Graphics design by Thomas Horner. CDs manufactured by Denver Disc. 
Cover art: "A Storm in the Rocky Mountains, Mt. Rosalie" by Albert Bierstadt (1866).
Organizer of the Black Metal Alliance's Crushing Intolerance Anti-NSBM Charity Compilations:
Since the second full-length, Deafest plays an instrumental ode to the beauty and awe of nature (mostly Colorado nature). Black Metal is the base of the music.

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