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AEX - First Shall Be Last released April 27, 2018

The AEX album "First Shall be Last" was produced, mixed, and mastered by Ian Kaine MacGregor at Firefly Studios / Reston, VA. All songs written by Ian Kaine MacGregor and Ravi Rao except "Seven Trumpets" written by Ian Kaine MacGregor, Ravi Rao, and Devin Kammerdeiner. The band is Devin Kammerdeiner (Voclals), Ian Kaine MacGregor (Guitar, Vox), and Ravi Rao (Bass). 
1.First Shall Be Last 03:48
2.The Watchers 03:17
3.Beneath My Prayers 03:09
4.Saving Rachel 03:12
5.Seven Trumpets 03:16
6.The Forgiven 03:38
7.The Mourning After 02:36

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Reston, Virginia
Additional guitars by Matt Hanson at Dos Amigos Studios / Fairfax, VA. Additional backing vocals by Erica Glines, Aidan MacGregor, Reagan MacGregor, and Grant MacGregor.

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