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Silence Lies Fear Shadows of the Wasteland March 15th, 2018

Silence Lies Fear
Country of origin:
Azerbaijan, Baku
Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore
Lyrical themes:
Love, Feelings, Inner struggles
Current label:
Soundage Productions
1. Hypernova 03:36  
2. Aftermath 04:05  
3. Shores of Time 04:11  
4. Artificial Engine 04:11  
5. The Last Human 04:31  
6. Gravity 05:11  
7. The Shadow of I 04:09  
8. Sun as a Gift 04:07  
9. The Oblivion 04:07  
10. Undying Mind 04:20

Silence Lies Fear - modern melodic death metal band from Baku,formed in 2008.
Since the band's inception, theyrecorded 2 albums.
Musical style of this band is characterized by the constant use of melodic
lead and rhytm guitars,quite beautiful keyboards and pretty tight drums.
Melodic Death Metal/Modern
Years active
2008 - present

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