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Analogy - The Circle of Life August 30th, 2013

El Salvador San Miguel (early), San Salvador (later)
Formed in: 2003
Genre: Progressive Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Life, Fantasy
Current label: Unsigned/independent

The band split up in 2005 because its members relocated to San Salvador, but after two years inactive, they reformed the band.
Otra banda mas de mi pais El Salvador
1. In Exordium 01:25   instrumental
2. Starlit Skies 05:51
3. Tears of the Moon 04:17
4. Chaos Crusade 04:41
5. Inner Fire 04:33
6. The Dance of Life 04:41
7. Ghost of the Forsaken 06:01   instrumental
8. Petrified 04:51
9. Our Land 04:26
10. Time to Fly 05:15
11. Last Journey Home 03:47
12. Novus Orsa 02:16   instrumental

Duration 52:04
Benji Lopez
Bass, backing vocals (2003-present)

Eduardo Franco
Guitars (lead) (2003-2009), Vocals, Guitars (2009-present)
See also: ex-Legacy, ex-Icarus, ex-Everfar, ex-Goria, ex-Midgard

Guitars (rhythm) (2009-present)

Alex Cordero
Drums (2013-present)
See also: Alma Blanca

Pantokrator Unclean Plants / Ancient Path 1997

Sweden, Luvehult
Formed in: 1996
Progressive Death Metal
Christianity, Biblical Mysteries, Ordo Aurum (TGO OTA)
Current label:
Whirlwind Records
In ancient Greek Pantokrator means Lord Almighty.
1. Mind 04:42
2. Ancient Path 04:49
3. Puninsh the Evil 04:34
4. Unclean Plants 04:34
5. Vals i Burk Moll 02:12   instrumental

1 Demo 1997

Corpus Christi A Feast for Crows July 6th, 2010

Corpus Christi
United States, Cincinnati, Ohio
Formed in: 2006
Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore
Current label: Victory Records
Years active:
Formerly known as Skintrade from 2002-2006. 
1. The Red Horse Is upon Us 01:39
2. A Portrait of Modern Greed 03:49
3. Monuments 03:55
4. Betrayed Redemption 04:28
5. Little Miss Letyouknow 04:21
6. Windwalker 02:12   instrumental
7. Broken Man 04:30
8. Blood in the Water 05:19
9. Invictus 04:41
10. (Seeing You Again) for the First Time 05:20
11. Shepherds in Sheep's Clothing 03:18

Duration 43:32
They decided to change the band's name due to the fact that there was only one original member left.

Diviner - Fallen Empires November 20th, 2015

Greece, Athens, Attica
Formed in: 2011
Genre: Heavy Metal
Current label: Ulterium Records
The band reunites two InnerWish members with their original singer, Yiannis Papanikolaou.
1. Fallen Empires 04:24
2. Kingdom Come 04:40
3. Evilizer 04:40
4. Riders from the East 05:56
5. The Legend Goes On 04:30
6. Come into My Glory 04:38
7. Seven Gates 04:53
8. The Shadow and the Dark 04:17
9. Sacred War 04:46
10. Out in the Abyss 06:43  
Duration 49:27
Herc Booze
Bass See also: SiXforNinE 

Fragiskos Samoilis
Drums See also: InnerWish, ex-X-Piral 

George Maroulees
Guitars See also: 4bitten 

Yiannis Papanikolaou
Vocals (2011-present) See also: ex-Growing Order, ex-Battleroar, ex-InnerWish 

Kostas Fitos
Guitars (2017-present) See also: Dream Weaver

Milosny ‎– Babylon 14 May 2010

United State
1 Prologue
2 Laodecia
3 A Silent Nation
4 Sen Of Theives
5 Battle Line
6 Queen Of The Fallen
7 For The Heartless
8 Persecution
9 Mask Of Deceit
10 Generation Of Revival
11 Babylon


Agonal - Death Defeated January 15th, 2016

Appears on "All Things Christian Extreme Metal Volume 1" with the song "Almighty".
Agonal comes from the Greek word agon which means to struggle. 
The word agonal is usually associated with great pain and relating to that which occurs just before death.
The question is how will you think and what will you do just before your death? The way, 
the truth, and the life will only come through believing in Jesus Christ. 
Agonal was brought to life in the winter of 2010 by Kentuckian Jon Francis. 
The original goal of the project was to create three albums each with a different theme and style. 
This plan came to pass in 2013 with the completion of the trilogy released by Sanctus Gladius Records. 
1. The Scars of Memory 05:12
2. Death Defeated 05:14  
3. Parting Heavens 04:11
4. Prayer 04:54
5. Freedom 04:59
6. The Path 06:10
7. Almighty 05:58
8. Send the Fire 04:29
9. Send the Rain 06:11
10. The Long Forlorn 04:37
11. Sanctified 03:35
12. Søndag 04:04

The album sold out in a matter of weeks. 
With the completion of the trilogy and departure from the record label, songwriting continued. 
The album Death Defeated was released in January 2016. On the new album, 
Finnish singer/songwriter Ville Hämäläinen added his signature sound to the band. 
Death Defeated has elements of doom, black, death, gothic, and even groove metal. 
The album has been described by a long-time fan, Jethro Flack, as, 
"a truly incredible album! It is flipping brilliant! All the composition, structure, and writing is perfect." 
The lyrics and theme of the album are to give the utmost praise and honor to our Father God and to Jesus Christ. 
On the cross Christ defeated the works of the devil, and death and the enemy will ultimately be cast into the lake of fire. 
O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?
-1 Corinthians 15:55

To Move An Ocean - Written By Faith released November 15, 2014

all rights reserved
To Move An Ocean
1.Faithful 01:21
2.Big Picture 01:59
3.The Path 03:48
4.The Realization 02:58
5.Written By Faith 03:48


Malakh - Abnormal Killer March 5th, 2015

Korea, South, Busan
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Current label:
Nemesis Divina Production
2016-present (as Taekaury), 2016-present
The band name is Hebrew, meaning "angel" or "messenger (of God)".
דן originally ended the project in 2015, claiming that metal was "evil", but then restarted it (along with Taekaury) in 2016.
1. Church Bells on Judgement Day 01:10   instrumental
2. Holy Crusaders of the Darkwood 03:28
3. Abnormal Killer 04:40   Show lyrics
4. Children of Light 05:15
5. Invert the Inverted Cross (Horde cover) 03:02


Frosthardr - Varg April 23rd, 2007

Black/Thrash/Doom Metal

Integrantes del grupo
Dr. E - Guitar, BGV
Ozol - Bass, BGV
Savn - Drums, BGV
Jokull - Vocals, Guitar

Ciudad de origen
The whole idea of Frosthardr was created during a walk through a blizzard night in January 1997. 
Jokull wanted to start an extreme metal band. In March 97, he gathered some friends and started to compose some metal noise. 
In the beginning, Dr. E did the vocals and Jokull played the bass. But the band met a lot of problems finding the right members, 
so the first years were all about searching for the right ones. Dr. E switched from vocals to guitar, 
and Jokull did vocals while still playing bass. After a while, Jokull followed Dr. E and switched to guitar, 
still doing the vocals. For a couple of years, a lot of persons did audition for the band, but in some strange way the band 
remained as a two man project for a long time. But in 2001, something started to happen. A good friend of Jokull and 
Dr. E, a drummer known as Savn, started to jam with the guys, and they finally decided to try some of the songs in studio. 
The 2-song demo Necrodisaster 2002 was recorded in the summer of 2001, with Savn on drums, 
Dr. E on guitar, and Jokull doing both guitar, bass and vocals! 
They even performed live as a three piece band at a birthday party at some friends, alongside Grøde and Diamondog. 
In January 2002, Ozol joined Frosthardr on bass, and now the band was ready to bring their frozen noise to the world. 
Necrodisaster 2002 was released in March, and Frosthardr did their first real live performance at 
Askim Metal Night among bands like Drottnar, Mondo Revolver, 
Bleedience and Questor. Later that summer they played at DP-Arts & Music festival in Blaker, Norway, 
alongside more than 50 other bands and artists. In between writing new songs during 2003, 
Frosthardr played at Destructionfest in London, and Nordicfest in Oslo, before entering the studio to record their 
debut EP Maktesløs. The EP was recorded and mixed during the winter, adding an extra frozen touch to it, and released through Momentum Scandinavia, in March of 2004. 
Also in March 2004, Frosthardr teamed up with their friends in Drottnar, and did a small tour in Switzerland and Czech Republic, 
including a gig at the Elements of Rock festival in Switzerland. They also played Metalafton in Alingsås in April, 
and a couple of shows in December of 2004. 2005 was the year Slechtvalk went out on their "At the dawn of war" tour, 
and Frosthardr joined the tour as a support-band. They played a concert in oslo, and a couple in Sweden and Finland. 
In 2006 they teamed up with their friends in Inevitable End, and did a couple of concerts in the Czech Republic, 
and played at Elements of Rock in Switzerland again. By now you are probably sick of reading about places they played...
if you even got to the end of this stuff...the list just continues and I honestly don't feel like writing them all down here 
1. Varg 05:38
2. Tortured 11:45
3. Thrash Against Sin (One Bad Pig Cover) 03:15


Frosthardr - Maktesløs 2004

Norway, Ullensaker
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Frost, Death
Current label:
Momentum Scandinavia
1. Maktesløs 00:58   instrumental
2. Koma 06:05
3. Death - My Relief 08:52  
4. Ravnestrik 09:15
5. Vandret 01:04   instrumental


SorrowStorm - Onward 2008

Additional notes
Compilation appearances:
- Screams Of Abaddon II (2002) with "Nocturnal Apparition" and "Chanting the Last Passages"
- Arachnid Terror Sampler (2002) with "Chanting the Last Passages"
- Out of Darkness with "Cursed Fires of Gehenna"
- Kruistocht Door De Storm (2004) with "The Cursed Fires of Gehenna"
- SSP Comp #3 - De Nacht Der Plagen... Een Zwarte Historie with "Funeral Oath and Resurrection"
The band performed one tour of Panama between 2002 and 2003, playing a total of ten gigs. 
Ogrustorm performed vocals and drums along with the listed live lineup for these gigs.
1. Road to Redemption 01:01
2. Towers of Ancient Wisdom 05:31
3. Onward 04:44
4. Cursed Fires of Gehenna 06:07
5. Occult Moon 06:35
6. Funeral Oath and Resurrection 06:10
7. Breed the Tyrants 06:27
8. Enslaver of Hateful Souls 05:56
9. Nocturnal Apparation 04:43
10. Caverns of Grief 04:19
11. Blessed Are the Martyrs 03:35
12. Silent Plagues 04:42
13. The Ardous Warpath 06:45
14. Ensemble of Perdition 04:46
15. Chanting the Last Passages 05:14


Prevalece - Sin límites November 25th, 2015

Argentina, Neuquén
Thrash Metal
1. Mercaderes de la fe 02:30
2. Violencia inducida 04:36
3. Intervalo 00:48
4. Sin límites 02:38
5. Ídolos de Babilonia 04:48
6. Tormento 03:46
7. Traición 05:14
8. Sigo en pie 03:06
9. El aguante 04:45
10. Fortaleza 04:53
11. Luz a mis pies 04:57
12. Exterminio 04:07

Freddy Arturo
Agustin Lara
Néstor Garrido
Guitars, Vocals

Neverdie- Neverdie

Melech - Melech Ha Olam December 1st, 2017

Sweden, Alsterbro
Death Metal
1. Mene Tekel 03:30
2. I ett helvete 05:00
3. Moder småland 04:04
4. Väldig borg 03:59
5. Mästarens väg 04:02
6. Befriare 05:55
7. Prakt 06:22

Karl Boaz Walfridsson
Rickard Jachin Gustafsson
Vocals (clean), Guitars, Bass, Drums

VOCIFEROR Fall of Man 2009

Vociferor was just a side project for fun between the two musicians. 
Never was it intended for there to be an actual release, until one of their friends pushed for them to release it, so they gave him permission to manage the project and find a label to release it under.
 - 01 - Preludium
 - 02 - Before Mourning
 - 03 - Sorrow
 - 04 - Unworthy
 - 05 - Deliverance